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Wedded Bliss

Being married is pretty cool!

Not a lot has changed but it's just really neat to be able to call him my husband and reminisce about the wedding 😍.


We attended 4 other weddings this summer/fall (1 month after another).

Well technically 5, as ours was the 2nd wedding, in July. And I literally compared ours to every single one we went to and it was by far the best… Maybe I’m a bit biased? Nahh. LOL


We got a dog 2 weeks after the wedding. He's from a dog rescue but was from a reserve near Winnipeg.

He's approx 1.5 years old. He's fricken cute as hell.

He's mostly border terrier and I love him so much!! We named him Spud Webb Snickers DeBoer.

Snickers was his name at the rescue but I hated to keep that as his name so it got bumped to middle name.

Spud Webb was a basketball player in the ‘80’s that was one of the shortest NBA players to win the NBA dunk competition (I think he was 5’6”?). And our dog is small (20 pounds), black and can JUMP. I swear he has springs for back legs.


Haven’t talked to psycho ex-MOH since about a week after that explosion when she was talking shit about me to a mutual friend for the entire dinner of the first wedding we attended in June. I went off on her as she was telling this mutual friend all sorts of priavte info about me – so unnecessary and childish.

All that bullshit ended up working out as a friend of mine saw psycho selling her dress, told me about it and I encouraged her to buy it and join us. My sister stepped up as MOH (which she should have been from the beginning – but I’m an idiot).

Literally our wedding was perfect.


Hmmm that’s pretty much life.

DeBoer bigsmile

ps- this is Spud Webb 😍



peter and I got married yesterday!!! It was literally everything I've ever dreamed of. So amazing!!

but now, what do I do about how I sign off?!? Lol it's always been Miller…. Now it should be DeBoer bigsmile

hmmm… I can sign it that way but my username doesn't match hahahaha

for the first time,


Little Known Wedding Facts!

Fun fact I was made aware of today!

APPARENTLY if you're in a bridal party (specifically you are  the Maid of Honour), you get to have complete control over who attends the wedding!

What I mean by that is, if you don't like 1 of the guests that is going to attend... You can throw a tantrum & threaten not to come!

EVEN THOUGH this isnt your wedding, you get to be selfish & control everything!

Who would have thought a maid of honour could have that kind of control?

Maybe she should be paying for everything then?!?

I figured if we are going to pay, we would get to pick who gets to come celebrate with us!

People blow my mind. Someone who is supposed to be my BEST FRIEND is the MOST SELFISH PIECE OF SHIT EVER.

Only 3 weeks until the wedding. Holy fuck.


The Most Heartbreaking Thing

I had this amazing, happy blog typed up and had to erase it because something devastating is happening today.

Today my best friend for nearly 16 years has been put to sleep to put him out of his pain and suffering.

JW Fudge Miller, I love you so much and my heart is so broken after saying goodbye this morning. I will never have a dog like you.

im so devastated. 


Chronic Pain is So Draining

I am so so so sooooooo over being in pain.

I got cortisone in my shoulder 2.5 weeks ago. This is the first try post-surgery, but my 4th try since I messed my shoulder up.

I hate cortisone. It hurts so bad and is so useless.

Anyways, currently it has yet to really give me any relief. I don’t have the highest of hopes at this point.


Chronic pain just makes me so cranky. Some days it’s like fine whatever. But lately I’m just bitter about it.


I literally am at the point that I’m willing to do anything if it means my shoulder will be better.


I have to force myself out of bed most days and promise myself pain killers just to get my day going.

By no means am I addicted to pain meds, but they lessen the pain enough to let my brain try to think of/about other things.


I’m 23 and between my back pain and shoulder pain I’ve been suffering for 9 years.




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